What Is Legends Of Bezogia?

Bezogia – Bezoge Earth, a metaverse community, has launched an interesting project on the blockchain in an attempt to improve how people interact with blockchain technology.

  • What Is Legends Of Bezogia? 
  • Bezoge Earth (Bezoge) Tokenomics.

The metaverse project is making efforts to make sure Cryptocurrency investors (Including newcomers) can get involved with blockchain technology through fun to play games while earning rewards in return.

Their Legends of Bezogia game aims to be the gateway for newcomers to get into the crypto space by playing Play-to-earn games and earning rewards while doing it. 

The project is an interesting community-driven metaverse where gamers from the Legends of Bezogia community can have their own input into the game.

What Is Legends Of Bezogia

Legends of Bezogia is an open-world play-to-earn multiplayer RPG game. 

Legends of Bezogia is free to play and allows players to earn rewards in the game by interacting with the game in numerous ways without actually being obliged to have any cryptocurrencies while also controlling their characters and in-game assets such as magical blocks (BLKs).

In the metaverse game, by minting in-game NFTs, players can summon their own Bezogi (an NFT in-game character used to play Legends of Bezogia) characters from a large selection of different breeds and generate Bezogi NFTs. They can also find blocks to mint legendary mythical weapons and pillage resources.

There are a total of 4096 unique Bezogi which can be used to summon Bezogis and each Bezogi character is unique in  its own play styles and attributes based on the coloring of its body parts, each representing a different percentage of skill boost.

The sandbox-themed metaverse game has interesting graphics and is filled with combat, adventure and exploration.


Magical Blocks ($BLKs) are eight different colored ERC20 utility tokens on the Polygon blockchain. The 8 tokens are as follows: Red (RDBLK), Yellow (YLBLK), Blue (BLBLK), Green (GNBLK), White (WTBLK), Orange (ORBLK), Black (BKBLK), Gold (GDBLK). 

The lands of Bezogia are tied to these Magical Blocks, with each color representing a different attribute (Red is for attack, Blue is for shield) and are the primary in-game currency, pegged to the $BEZOGE EARTH governance token. New BLKs can be earned in Legends of Bezogia by killing enemies.

The Legends of Bezogia is packed with fun crypto memes that exist all around Bezogia. A few of these memes include; Doge, Shib, FEG, Dogelon & more. The gaming world is also filled with Crypto themed environments like the City of Bullish, The Triple Top Mountain and Bear Market. 

The fast growing Play-to-earn metaverse game currently has thousands of members with the community increasing every day at an exponential rate.

The dev team are also working hard and making efforts to improve the quality of user-experience for the players.

How to set-up a Bezogia wallet

  • Step 1 > Create a MetaMask Wallet

$BEZOGE token is available on the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaMask is a third party ERC20 (Ethereum) browser wallet.

  • Step 2 >On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet.

On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android.

Bezogia Earth (Bezoge) Tokenomics

  • Current Price: $0.000000003461
  • Max Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
  • Market Cap: $149,449,069
  • Exchanges: Uniswap, MEXC, LBank, and Hotbit
  • 2% REDISTRIBUTION on every transaction performed  to private wallets.
  • 30k Wallet Holders for Bezoge Token.
  • Over 56% burnt from the total supply and the team keeps constantly burning.


There are plans to list Bezoge token on Coinbase exchange and thousands of people have already signed up in support of this.

There are also other interesting plans being made for the project by the developers and the interesting game keeps drawing people’s attention on a daily basis.

In short Legends of Bezogia is a game you should consider playing, you earn rewards for things you’d normally do for fun.

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