The Neighbours: A Community-driven Metaverse that Rewards Members

Since its emergence, the metaverse real estate industry has become a booming business worth billions of dollars.

At the heart of this thriving industry are different metaverse real estate projects striving to be the ultimate real estate hub for the metaverse.

However, while some have succeeded to the extent of selling parcels of virtual land for millions of dollars,

Many still struggle to impress and meet the expectations of metaverse enthusiasts.

One of these metaverse real estate projects is The Neighbours metaverse.

The Neighbours metaverse is not only a real estate project, but combines the real estate aspect with gaming to make a metaverse platform that users want to be a part of.

Here’s all you need to know about the neighbors and their potential to lead the way in the metaverse. 

What is the Neighbours Metaverse?

The Neighbours metaverse is a live-to-earn game/virtual real estate metaverse built on its own DeFi protocol that allows players and holders to purchase and own virtual real estate acquired through the NFT marketplace.

Members of the community that purchase parcels of virtual land in the neighboring metaverse can earn daily passive rewards in NEBRI (the project’s native currency).

Apart from earning daily rewards, property owners can buy and sell in-game assets like furniture and decorations that they own within the NEIBR ecosystem on the NFT Marketplace. while also being a part of the decision-making process of the platform’s ecosystem.

There are three NEIBR Land NFT properties for which users can earn daily rewards: condo, family house, and mansion.

Here’s a breakdown of the features of each property as well as their daily earnings.

1. Condo: Earning 0.03 NEIBR per day (with Home Decor NFT BOOST) — 0.04 NEIBR per day

2. Family House: 7 $NEIBR Daily earnings: 0.06 NEIBR — 0.08 NEIBR (with Home Decor NFT BOOST).

3. Mansion: Earning 0.1 NEIBR per day (with Home Decor NFT BOOST) — 0.13 NEIBR per day10 $NEIBR.


Property owners will have access to three types of NFT assets: ultra-rare, rare, and common. Once you have bought an NFT, you have the option to display it in any room of your house.

How To Buy Properties In The Neighbours Metaverse

To purchase land or any other property in the neighboring metaverse, go to their official website at:

-Go to buy properties.

-Connect Wallet.

-Choose the property you want and click “purchase.”


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