is Axie infinity dead

Is Axie Infinity Dead?

As one of the pioneering play-to-earn blockchain games, Axie Infinity captured the attention of gamers and investors alike, emerging as a game-changer in the gaming industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the game provided a source of income for many Filipinos, skyrocketing its popularity.

However, recent challenges and a decline in market value have raised questions about the future of Axie Infinity. In this article, we will explore the rise of Axie Infinity, analyze the challenges it currently faces, and assess its potential for recovery and future growth.

Everything You Need to Know About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, developed by the Vietnamese-based gaming company Sky Mavis, revolutionized the gaming landscape by introducing play-to-earn mechanics. The game centers around collecting, breeding, battling, and building kingdoms with virtual pets known as Axies. These adorable creatures became digital assets that players could own and trade, attracting a passionate community of players.

The play-to-earn mechanics of Axie Infinity offered players a unique opportunity to generate income while enjoying the game. By participating in battles and completing in-game tasks, players earned Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an in-game token that could be exchanged for real-world value.

This concept proved especially appealing to individuals looking for alternative income streams, and the game gained significant traction, particularly in the Philippines.

The Axie Scholarship program emerged as a popular way for players with limited resources or time to participate in the game. Through this program, experienced players, known as managers, would lend their Axies to others, known as scholars, who would play the game on their behalf. The rewards earned would then be shared between the manager and the scholars, providing a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Is Axie Infinity Declining?

Despite its initial success, Axie Infinity has faced several challenges, leading to a decline in market performance. Like many altcoins, the game experienced a significant drop in market capitalization, losing over 90% of its value from its peak. This decline can be attributed to the broader market trends affecting cryptocurrencies with investors now turning their attention to artificial intelligence, metaverse, web3 and meme projects.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity suffered a major setback in March 23, 2022 when it became the target of a high-profile hack. Approximately $615 million in cryptocurrency was stolen, primarily from the Ronin network, the blockchain infrastructure supporting Axie Infinity. The theft, orchestrated by exploiting stolen private keys, resulted in a loss of user confidence and cast a shadow over the game's reputation.

The immediate aftermath of the hack has seen a significant decrease in the number of daily active users, as players became concerned about the security of their assets, with the numbers currently at around 25000 users from a peak of 2.78 million users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Axie Infinity's reputation took a hit, and rebuilding trust has become a top priority for the developers.

Will Axie Infinity Recover?

While the path to recovery may be challenging, and Axie Infinity may not return to its pre-pandemic value, the play-to-earn gaming project still possesses potential for revitalization. The game remains an influential player within the play-to-earn gaming sphere, leveraging its passionate community and innovative gameplay mechanics.

To regain trust and rebuild its user base, Axie Infinity and its developers must prioritize bolstering security measures and enhancing transparency. Implementing stringent security protocols, conducting frequent audits, and fostering open communication with the community are crucial steps to prevent future hacks and restore player confidence.

Moreover, the Axie Infinity team should focus on improving the overall gameplay experience and expanding the features that initially attracted users. Continuous innovation, such as introducing new Axie breeds, refining breeding and battling mechanics, and forging partnerships with other prominent blockchain games, can reignite interest and entice players to return.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity's recovery is intricately tied to the wider adoption of blockchain technology and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. As the blockchain and crypto industry matures, more individuals and investors will become acquainted with the concept of play-to-earn games, potentially leading to a resurgence of interest in Axie Infinity and similar projects.


Axie Infinity's journey from its remarkable rise during the pandemic to its current challenges demonstrates the dynamic nature of the blockchain gaming industry. While the game faces significant hurdles, it still harbours the potential to adapt, recover, and thrive. By addressing security concerns, enhancing gameplay, and capitalizing on the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity can navigate the evolving landscape and bounce back.

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