How To Enter The Metaverse: Devices Needed To Access The Metaverse

Accessing the Metaverse isn’t as hard as it seems, you just need to have the right Device to Enter the Metaverse. Whether you want to play games, attend Virtual parties or go on Virtual tours.

There are devices that can help you with these specific activities such as a PC VR headset, (If you own a Gaming PC) and there are those that are multipurpose such as an Oculus quest 2. 


Despite the fact that it’s not yet launched fully (I added fully because a little part of the Metaverse is already here with Platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox and Axie Infinity rolling out some fantastic projects) as a matter of fact Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta estimates it might take the next 5-10 years before vital features of the Metaverse become mainstream. You can Enter the Metaverse and create your own Reality.

Companies are making use of Technologies like Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3d Technology and Blockchain Technology to make the Metaverse experience more feasible.

However you can have fantastic Metaverse experience with some Platforms. Services like Sandbox and Decentraland allow people to Play games, invest in Real estate and attend Parties in the Metaverse.

To enter the Metaverse you might also need devices such as a Computer, Gaming consoles, Head Mounted Displays such as VR headsets and  AR Glasses.

Without wasting too much of your time we’ll highlight how you can use this Internet Devices and Services to maximize your Metaverse experience and probably create and develop your own Metaverse too.



A Virtual reality headsets is a Head worn device, that allows the user to view a Virtual reality environment such as a Video game, an event or a movie. The VR headset uses head-tracking Technology, which adapts the field of vision as the user turns their head just like in the Physical world. 

VR headsets are designed to replace our physical environment with something generated through Computer simulations and 3d modeling. 

The Virtual reality headsets give the wearer a feeling of Telepresence and makes the Virtual environment appear as a real environment. You can get a PC VR headset (If you own a gaming PC), a Gaming console VR headset (If you own a PlayStation) and a Mobile VR headset for Smartphone owners.

These are specific types of VR headsets, however if you’re looking to get VR headsets that are multi purpose the best VR headset currently available is Oculus quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2

 Oculus Quest 2 is designed and developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) the VR headset makes it possible to Play games, connect with other users, work, hangout with friends all over the world, Go on Virtual tours of popular places, Be at a live concert and watch a movie in 3d.

 If you’re buying a Quest 2 you’re allowed to select a storage option in between 128GB ($300) and 256GB ($400) storage. Both VR headsets come with a Two touch controller, Charging cable, Power adapter, Glasses spacer and Two AA batteries.

AR Smart Devices

Augmented reality is not limited to a wearable device unlike virtual reality, In addition to AR Headsets and AR glasses. AR is being tested and put into practice on Smartphones and Personal Computers, with a view of allowing users to be able to use their Smartphones and Personal Computers in Augmented reality.

However due to the fact that the other projects are still in infancy, we’ll focus on Hololens 2 the best AR Headset available in the market.

 Hololens 2

Hololens 2 was released in 2019 by Microsoft and MicroVision, the head mounted device is easy to operate and uses Augmented Reality Technology.

The AR Concept allows users to view holograms, videos and images while still viewing their real environment. Unlike the first version released in 2016 the Hololens 2 is a big improvement in every way.

 It’s more  user-friendly, it has a larger field of view, it detects and adapts to your movements better, can tilt up and down, as well as forward and backward and it’s better at detecting real physical objects in the user’s surroundings. In-built voice commands allow users to quickly operate HoloLens 2 when your hands are occupied with a task, The AR headset understands user intent and adapts the holograms to the users eyes in real time.

The Hololens 2 comes in 5 Specs

1. HoloLens 2 (Price $3500): This spec was designed to address the shortcomings of the first version Hololens. It comes with Hololens 2, Protective carrying case, Overhead strap, USB-C charger and cable and One-year warranty.

2. HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition (Price $4950): The Hololens 2 industrial version meets essential safety regulations, modified to withstand rough treatment, it’s Clean room compatible and suitable for hazardous industrial environments.The Hololens 2 industrial edition meets essential industrial standards. 

It’s features include; HoloLens 2 +, ISO 14644-14 and designated ISO Class 5.0, UL Class I, Division 2 certified, Rapid replacement program, 8megapixel camera, 3d display, 64GB storage and Two-year warranty.

3. Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 (Price $5200): The Trimble X10 is built with the purpose of allowing users who work in safety controlled environments such as a Construction site to access data while working without disturbance. 

It’s features include HoloLens 2 +, UL Class I, Division 2 certified, Hard hat integrated and Noise-canceling audio output.

4. HoloLens 2 with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: The Dynamics 365 Remote Assist makes it possible for engineers and Technicians, to work together efficiently with subject matter experts even when they are at different Locations. 

The Hololens 2 remote assist, allows the subject matter experts to provide timely problem-solving expert assistance for the User, without worrying about differences in the location of both parties.

Pricing of the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist depends on the subscription plan you choose; it can range between $40-$200 per user per month.

5. HoloLens 2 Development Edition (Price $3500) : The HoloLens 2 Development Edition is everything developers, programmers, and IT experts need. It supports popular augmented reality development platforms and allows users to create their own mixed reality experiences. 

With the HoloLens 2 Development Edition  you can build collaborative, cross-platform mixed reality applications. It comes with HoloLens 2 +, $500 Azure credits, Three-month Unity Pro trial and Three-month Pixyz Plug-in trial.


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