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How to Create NFTs with AI and Make Money

Discover the power of AI for NFT creation with “Create NFTs with AI” guide. Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to create unique and valuable NFTs, and explore the potential of this innovative technology for generating income in the booming NFT market.

Creating NFTs is a very simple process for most people. In fact, most newbies in the market just find a piece of software or a canvas and scribble whatever comes to mind on it.

Once they're done, they list their artwork on a marketplace, and after waiting for a collector to buy the NFTs, reality hits them.

Creating an NFT is simple; creating an NFT that sells is difficult.

As harsh as it may sound, that's the reality of the NFT market, and many artists find it hard to cope with this reality.

In light of this, is it possible to create digital assets that can generate income for you? Which tools can you use to create NFTs that collectors are actively looking for in the marketplace?

In this article, let's highlight how you can take advantage of the increasing popularity of AI art and create NFTs that sell in the marketplace using Jasper AI software.

What are AI NFTs?

AI NFTs are non-fungible tokens created using artificial intelligence software that is designed to generate NFTs using base art, traits, text, or sample images to create unique artworks.

The AI NFTs could be mere artworks created with AI NFT generators such as Jasper or they could be embedded with a Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model prompt as part of its smart contracts, which can be used to create personalized experiences for owners.

Why Should You Create NFTs With Jasper?

Traditional artistic tools are limited. There are some with which you can only create static images and some are only good for editing. This limits what you can do or achieve when creating NFTs using these tools.

With the use of‘s artwork creation tool, you can create intelligent experiences that are impossible with traditional methods and applications.

You could create an NFT avatar that owners could use to interact in the metaverse.

You could launch a collection of AI-generated NFTs that provide unique and personalized experiences for owners and collectors.

Another major reason why you should use Jasper is that, as someone who wants to launch your own NFT project, you might struggle with coming up with the idea of the perfect NFT or how you're going to come up with 10,000 NFTs in a collection, with each of the NFTs having different traits, characteristics, and unique in their own way.

Many people are not creative enough to come up with an artwork that will sell as a million-dollar NFT project, or they find it difficult to communicate their ideas to an artist who can transform them into a talk-of-the-community NFT project that rakes in millions of dollars.

With Jasper Al, you literally only have to describe whatever image you have in mind and the artwork generating software will do the rest.

How To Create NFTs With Jasper.AI

  1. Sign up for an account on their website here: (You get 10,000 free credits when you sign up).
  2. Use the free trial method or check out their pricing plans for the best fit for you.
  3. Using the text box, describe the attributes of the artwork you want to create.

Watch Jasper generate your NFT artwork in seconds.

The Amazing Features of Jasper Al

Jasper has many fascinating features that have made it become the go-to software for many NFT artists, who now create quality artworks with the software.

1. Fast and Easy

Creating an artwork can be a rigorous and time-consuming process.

However, with this amazing art tool, you can create amazing artwork in seconds.

The whole process doesn't require too much of your time.

2. No Artistic Abilities or Experience are Required

Though an NFT can be anything, you still need to come up with something convincing to attract potential buyers for your project.

With Jasper, anyone can create an NFT and launch their own NFT collection, without any prior experience or artistic skills as an artist.

You simply don't need talent, experience, or the services of an NFT artist to turn your imagination into beautiful artworks in seconds.

3. You can Create NFT Collections with Unique Characteristics

This is another area of creating NFT collections that most people struggle with.

It's simply difficult for you or a few people to come up with ten thousand different artworks that have the same base character but with different traits.

Jasper Al makes it possible to generate 10,000 NFTs from the same collection that are unique in their own ways.

4. Create NFTs With Use cases

The NFT market has become oversaturated with the number of creators greater than the number of collectors who are buying the NFTs.

Despite this, many are still creating boring artworks that have no utility or value that they can add to their owners.

With Jasper, you can create NFTs that can be used as avatars for the metaverse and artworks that have artificial intelligence uses.

How to create NFTs with AI & Make Money

As you have read earlier, creating and minting NFTs is easy. Selling the NFTs is the hardest part of the job.

To sell your NFTs, you need to get your strategies right as the market is constantly changing with various categories of digital collectibles taking over the market.

Here are two tips to help sell your NFTs.

1. Raise Awareness

It's very rare for NFT collectors to stumble on an NFT while scrolling through OpenSea or any other marketplace, so you need to put the word out there.

You can market your NFT project using social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram or forums where you can connect with NFT enthusiasts.

2. Introduce Something New To The Market

People are too tired of seeing apes dressed up or holding guns in marketplaces, in short they want something new.

The market is saturated and if you want to excel, you have to offer something that other projects haven't done before.

It can be in the form of perks or utility. It doesn't have to be entirely new to the market; just a new perspective will do.

Check this article for more on how to make money in the NFT space: Why You’re Not Selling Your NFTs

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