Galaxy Fight Club— A Free-To-Play Earning Opportunity For Gamers

Imagine playing an NFT metaverse game but with your own NFT vs NFTs from other collections.

That's exactly the game-changing approach that Galaxy Fight Club has to offer to the metaverse's interoperability challenge, bringing NFT communities and gaming communities together and making gameplay more entertaining and interactive.

The NFT game is the first Cross-Intellectual Property (Cross-IP) game with an opportunity for players to use their digital collectibles from other collections in Galaxy Fight Club.

Table of Contents

  • What is Galaxy Fight Club (GFC)?
  • Mission of Galaxy Fight Club.
  • Galaxy Fight Club gameplay.
  • Play-to-earn: How to Earn Rewards in Galaxy Fight Club.
  • Interesting Features of Galaxy Fight Club
  • How To Start Playing Galaxy Fight Club

What is Galaxy Fight Club (GFC)?

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the first cross-intellectual property (cross-IP), cross-platform game in the metaverse that allows holders of various NFTs from different collections to compete in the GFC game.

The cross-platform (Cross-IP) feature allows players to use NFTs from other collections in the GFC game.

GFC is an opportunity for gamers to bring their NFT game characters from different collections together on one gaming platform. 

Mission of Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club launched in late 2021 with the main objective of bringing a new dimension of play to the gaming space. 

With their cross-platform, Cross-IP feature, the team aims to make interoperability in the metaverse a reality by making it possible for players to bring their avatars and other digital assets to battle other players and earn rewards while doing so.

Galaxy Fight Club Gameplay

GFC is a mobile PvP (Player vs. Player) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in which players compete against each other to defeat the opposing team.

The game has four combat models: 3v3, Classic Death Match (1v1), Battle Royale, and Tournament mode.

  1. 3 vs. 3

    Each team in the 3 vs. 3 mode consists of 3 players. And the 3v3 game lasts for about five minutes, with the first team that earns 20 points or scores 20 kills winning the battle.

  2. Classic Death Match (1v1)

    In a classic death match, players enter the battle arena and fight each other. The first player to earn 10 points or score 10 kills will then win the battle.

  3. Battle Royale (Last Man Standing)

    10 players face-off in a free-for-all fight in which the last man standing wins.

  4. Tournament mode

    Tournament mode is the 3v3 mode but players have to battle in more than one match as this mode comes with rounds leading up to a final match.

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Play-to-earn: How to Earn Rewards in Galaxy Fight Club

GFC makes it possible for both those who don't invest and those who invest in the Galaxy Fight Club NFTs to earn from the game.

Those who are using the free-to-play model will be given a default base character they can use in battle.

While those who pay for a GFC NFT will have better characters, fights, keys and other privileges such as receiving between 5 and 15 $GCOIN (GFC's native token) every day in passive income.

To earn money in Galaxy Fight Club, players need to win battles so they can win keys to open lootboxes.

There are three types of keys in Galaxy Fight Club, and the type that a player can win depends on the NFT character he owns.

  1. Gold keys

    For players who own an NFT from Galaxy Fight Club's collection, gold keys are available. A Gen 1 or 2 Galaxy fighter, or at least equipped with a weapon or armor from GFC's NFT collection, if the player isn't using an NFT from GFC's collection.

  2. Partner keys

    Partner keys are for players using an NFT from a collection that is partnered with Galaxy Fight Club.

  3. Silver keys

    Available for free to players who are playing with a default base character.

When players win keys and lootboxes, they can either sell the lootboxes, or open them and collect rare in-game items (NFTs), which they can use in-game or sell on NFT marketplaces.

Other ways to earn rewards are by forging and selling weapons, renting out fighters, and creating and selling second-generation fighters.

Interesting Features of Galaxy Fight Club

1. Cross Intellectual Property (Cross-IP) Game

This interoperable feature makes the gaming experience more entertaining.

2. Free to play + Play-to-earn

Players do not need to invest in the game before playing, and they can still earn rewards for playing the game.

3. Passive income opportunities

Holders of Galaxy Fight Club NFTs can earn passive income in $GCOIN tokens.

How To Start Playing Galaxy Fight Club

Download the app on the PlayStore on your Android device, sign up and start playing for rewards.

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