Escaping Alderwood: A Spooktacular Horror Game You Should Play

Close your eyes and let your imagination paint a chilling scene: a dark and gloomy jail in 16th-century England, where accusations of witchcraft hang like a heavy shroud. Amidst the chilling air, the wails of an infant son pierce through, echoing against cold stone walls.

Every whispered incantation, every stealthy step, every quiet prayer becomes a heart-pounding struggle for survival, for the safety of your child. Welcome to the spine-tingling reality of Escaping Alderwood.”

What is Escaping Alderwood?

Created by Metaknow, Escaping Alderwood is a four-chapter horror game that is set to release on PC, VR, Playstore, and Steam in Quarter 1 of 2024.

In this spine-tingling horror game, you step into a world where fear and courage intertwine and the line between nightmare and reality blurs. “Escaping Alderwood” isn't just a horror game; it's a symphony of emotions that leaves you breathless and your heart racing.

You play as Mabel, a mother wrongly accused, is the unsuspecting heroine of this dark tale. Armed only with a dagger and her unyielding will, she embarks on a mission that will test her every ounce of strength.

As you tiptoe through the corridors of terror, you're constantly reminded that “Escaping Alderwood” isn't just a game—it's a dance with destiny. You immerse yourself in an adventure that melds action, puzzle-solving, and exploration into a haunting symphony.

How to Play “Escaping Alderwood” Chapter 1

Level 1 – The Dungeon: Whispered Shadows and Desperate Gambits

The journey begins in the depths of Alderwood Jail, a place where hope seems as distant as the stars. Take on the role of Mabel as she wields a humble dagger and confronts moving guards, each relocation raising the stakes.

Little Thomas, her infant son, remains elusive within the labyrinthine dungeon cells. Defeat enemies, only to see them rise anew, the Accursed thirsting for a rematch.

Thomas' cries become a haunting melody, spurring Mabel's dash through the maze to reclaim her child. Brace yourself for the unknown, for in this dungeon, even shadows whisper secrets.

Level 2 – The Courtyard: Heights of Dread and Cage of Sorrows

The dungeon's clutches give way to the ghostly courtyard, where Mabel's hope shatters like glass. A guard's cruel hands snatch Thomas, imprisoning him high above the chilling ground.

It's a dance of desperation as Mabel navigates this treacherous arena, outwitting foes and overcoming dread. Every defeated enemy becomes a haunting encore, the Accursed rising with vengeance. Keys hold the promise of freedom: one lowers Thomas' cage, the other unveils an exit. Amidst chaos, can Mabel's determination carve a path out of this nightmarish embrace?

Level 3 – The Village: Enigma and Echoes of Desperation

Emerging from the courtyard, Mabel and Thomas find solace in the Village of Alderwood, a maze of mysteries. With Thomas cradled close, Mabel battles villagers turned Accursed, a relentless storm of foes.

Thomas' safety is paramount, for his cries could spell their doom. As Constable Harrow's minions prowl, every step becomes a dance with danger. Clues emerge like stars in the night sky, leading to the looming Forest of Alderwood, the elusive key to escape. Can you piece together the puzzle, conquer the enigma, and save Thomas from his inevitable fate?

Level 4 – The Forest: Whispers in the Mist and Shadows that Stir

Venturing beyond the village's embrace, Mabel and Thomas tread through the Alderwood Forest, stalked by the ominous Nightcrows. Armed with the “Warden's Bow,” Mabel's every shot echoes with determination. Yet, defeated crows rise once more, a relentless cycle of fear.

Thomas' cries act as a siren's call, drawing danger with every note. Constable Harrow's presence looms, an unyielding force in their pursuit. Can Mabel outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast? As they near the forest's edge, a question hangs: what secrets and horrors linger beyond the trees?

Frequently Asked Questions About “Escaping Alderwood”

Question 1:What genre is “Escaping Alderwood”?

Answer: The game weaves an immersive tapestry of horror, action, puzzle-solving, and exploration, crafting an experience that immerses players in its chilling narrative.

Question 2: Is “Escaping Alderwood” a standalone game or part of a series?

Answer: “Escaping Alderwood” is a standalone game of four chapters, the first chapter is set to release Quarter 1 of 2024.

Question 3: On what platforms can I play the game?

Answer: The game will be available on multiple platforms among which are: Android, iOS, Windows, Steam, PC, and VR, ensuring that players across different devices can experience the nightmare firsthand.

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