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NFTs For Cryptocurrency Mining — ONEANDZERO NFTs

Discover the utility of NFTs beyond art and how Cardano cryptocurrency mining can benefit from them. Learn more about NFTs and their potential uses.

However, in a bid to address this misconception about NFTs, many NFT projects have been launched on NFT marketplaces and blockchains.

These NFTs come with specific Use cases such as staking to earn cryptocurrency, farming, solving real-life challenges and cryptocurrency mining.

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  • ONEANDZERO NFTs Utility.
  • Benefits Of Holding ONEANDZERO NFTs.
  • Why Should You Invest In ONEANDZERO NFTs?

Oneandzero NFTs are a part of this category of NFTs, they're not just exceptional and beautiful works of art, they can also serve different purposes and be used to perform tasks on the blockchain.

Nevertheless, before we go into the innovative concepts behind Oneandzero NFTs, let's first understand what Oneandzero NFTs are.


Oneandzero is a collection of 10,000 Unique hand drawn metaverse NFTs. The NFT collection has 5 base characters with 2000 of each character totaling 10000 Non-fungible tokens.

Each Oneandzero is hand drawn with its unique traits, quality and also gives you both options of a PFP and full body character so you can use the NFT as a wallpaper for your phone.


Oneandzero aims to bridge the metaverse to the real world and also promote sustainability of metaverse and NFT projects.

The NFTs will be backed by a community built mining facility and part of the bitcoins generated from the mining facility will be distributed to holders of Oneandzero as rewards.

The remaining part of the Funds will be used to build Play-to-earn games, develop a Metaverse World and expand without needing an influx off capital from investors, therefore ensuring sustainability of the project as well the project is designed to be self-sustaining.

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Benefits Of Holding ONEANDZERO NFTs

  • Earn $ZEROS Tokens And Exchange Your Tokens For Hash Power (Generate Hashpower to mine cryptocurrency)

In order to generate $ZEROS tokens (The governance token of ONEANDZERO) you’ll need 2 Oneandzero NFTs (Team). Holders Of 2 OneAndZero will generate 5 $ZEROS Tokens daily. These $ZEROS tokens can be exchanged for Hash power from the Oneandzero Mining Facility. 

  • DAO Voting Rights

As an holder of a Oneandzero, you get to take part in the decision-making process of the project. You receive votes (1 vote per Oneandzero NFT) with which you can lend your voice when the community decides what to do with the Bitcoins generated from the mining facility.

  • Autoearn Rewards

You'll not be required to stake your Oneandzero NFTs, simply holding them in your wallet will automatically generate $ZEROS tokens for you. However, you'll have to claim the tokens.

Why Should You Invest In ONEANDZERO NFTs?

f you're looking for a new and exciting way to invest in the cryptocurrency space, consider ONEANDZERO NFTs. These unique digital assets offer more than just a collectible item on the blockchain.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in ONEANDZERO NFTs is their use cases. They can be used to generate hash power, earn tokens, and receive other rewards for being part of the community and holding onto your NFTs.

This means that as a ONEANDZERO NFT holder, you can benefit from more than just the potential appreciation of the asset value.

Additionally, ONEANDZERO NFTs will also serve as in-game items when the project launches their Play-to-earn games in the future.

This means that as the ONEANDZERO ecosystem grows, the demand for these NFTs will likely increase, potentially leading to an increase in their value.

With a focus on sustainability and community-driven initiatives, ONEANDZERO is poised to make a big impact in the world of cryptocurrency.

By investing in their NFTs, you'll not only have the opportunity to potentially profit from their growth, but also support a project that's making a positive difference in the world.

So why not consider adding ONEANDZERO NFTs to your cryptocurrency portfolio today and reap the benefits of this innovative and exciting investment opportunity?

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